NEW! Smooth PP solid sewer pipes

We offer you PP smooth solid sewer system, pipes and fittings, which is  designed for underground gravitation sewerage systems, normally laid to 0,8 až 8,0 meter depth. They are suitable for non-pressure industrial systems because of thermal and chemical resistance. Pipes are highly resistant to cracks and mechanical stresses. The latest research of polypropylene pipes proves their minimal life span 100 years, whereby the achievement tests indicate that they are capable of achieving even longer life. This makes the system most suitable mainly for sewerage system. 

System advantages

  • the smooth inner wall provides excellent hydraulic characteristics (less frictional resistance – high flow volume)
  • high wearability
  • piping walls are corrosion and erosion resistant
  • wide temperature range for application: -20°C to +90°C (long-term to +60°C)
  • high chemical resistance
  • high surge resistance
  • long life span
  • environmentally friendly – recyclable material
  • big piping mounting legth
  • easy system jointing (simple and quick laying)
  • simple pipes shortening, as need may be
  • system tightness assured by sealing rings
  • versatile application thanks to wide assortment

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