The roto moulding technology is used for production of big hollow plastic mouldings such as, for example, vessels, tanks and various pipeline adaptors and spacers. Shapes of the products are mainly rotational but they can also be angular and broken. Final shapes, after the moulding, can be achieved by cutting off caps ( for example open tanks ), cutting out additional openings, sawing through into two identical products and the like. The most commonly used material is polyethylene.

  • possibility of additional adjustments after moulding
  • low costs for the mould manufacture
  • suitable also for small production series
  • possibility of clamping more smaller moulds at the same time resulting into more economical production

Technical parameters of mould

2300 mm  
max. length of the mould measured along rotary axis including clamping flanges
1273 mm
max. distance of the mould surface from rotary axis
2546 mm
max. diameter of a rotational mould, or diagonal of an angular mould